According to studies, people spend 80% of their lives indoors – and not just since Corona. Climeo brings an ideal indoor climate into your living space with the Indoor Climate System. But what characterises an ideal indoor climate?

First things first: the air must be fresh – not too dry, but at the same time not too humid. We don’t want it too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. In some rooms we feel comfortable straight away, in others we are overcome by an uneasy feeling the moment we cross the threshold. It is often impossible to say exactly why we feel comfortable in a room – one reason for this is the room climate.

Different rooms, different room climates

The climate in a closed room is influenced by three things: the room temperature, the air humidity and the air quality in the room. The ideal indoor climate also varies depending on the type of room: in general, the ideal temperature value of bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms ranges between 17 and 23℃ and the optimal humidity is between 40 and 70 percent. The different ideal values in the respective rooms make it extremely challenging to achieve the perfect balance between room temperature and humidity manually or without aids.

Climeo brings the indoor climate into harmony

An important step towards a better indoor climate is home ventilation with individual room control. In Switzerland, however, only every second new flat has a home ventilation system. And only one fifth of all heating systems are equipped with individual room control. Climeo wants to change that: With the Climeo Indoor Climate System, temperature and air supply can be controlled individually in each room at the touch of a button. This ensures an ideal balance between room temperature and humidity. And not only is the operation intuitive – the set-up and installation are also child’s play and can even be done retrospectively.

A system consisting of only three elements

The Climeo Indoor Climate System consists of three elements: the AirGate, the TempGate and the RoomMaster. The two gates regulate the air volume and temperature in the room, while the RoomMaster controls the climate in all rooms. This creates an indoor climate in all living spaces that is perfectly matched to the needs of the occupants. Not only do you gain more living comfort, but you can also reduce your own energy consumption and minimise maintenance costs with the Climeo Indoor Climate System.

Indoor climate system for a healthy future – also for allergy sufferers

The Indoor Climate System from Climeo also offers health benefits: A humidity value that is too high provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, house mites and mould, which is why it should be avoided. On the other hand, a humidity value that is too low causes the mucous membranes to dry out. The Climeo Indoor Climate System is therefore a boon for allergy sufferers in particular, as an ideal climate with sufficient fresh air prevails in every room.

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