Rooms are used individually. The kitchen needs a different room climate than the bedroom, than the living room, than the bathroom, than the hobby room. So rooms would have to be ventilated individually. This is exactly what our innovation offers.

The fact that our indoor climate system is more energy-efficient and cheaper than commercially available products could be an issue. But that is not the point here. With the Climeo principle, the crucial thing is that each room is heated and ventilated individually.


The system consists of three elements that belong together: The AirGate, the TempGate and the room master. The real innovation here is the AirGate, which ensures an optimal supply of fresh air in every room. Its sensors detect the temperature, humidity, air quality and air volume individually for each room. The AirGate independently ensures that the desired values are always maintained. If a measured value is too high or too low, the AirGate adjusts the volume flow accordingly.


The second element is the TempGate. This “heating circuit distribution battery” ensures that the right temperature prevails in every room – without the need to install a room thermostat. It can be used alone or – more efficiently, of course – together with the AirGate. If the TemGate is used exclusively, it takes over temperature control instead of the previous distributors.


The third element is the RoomMaster. It regulates the temperature and the air supply in all desired zones. If necessary, the RoomMaster reports an increased demand to the control centre in order to adjust the ventilation accordingly. It is largely self-configuring and uncomplicated in operation and maintenance. In addition, the RoomMaster measures temperature, humidity, air quality, brightness and volume, so that the user is always well informed about his home.

Climeo operation via smartphone is even easier: whether ventilating or heating to a specific time – everything can be controlled via the app.

Data Data Data

The new Climeo system has another big plus point: Data. The Airgate, the TempGate and the RoomMaster are digitally controlled devices. This means that their data is available at all times. This creates transparency and not only helps to control the entire system. With the data from the TempGate, for example, the heating output for each individual room can be recorded and – if desired – also billed per flat with minimal effort.

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