The modular character of the Climeo products creates an intuitive indoor climate system and increases the quality of life.

The Climeo Indoor Climate System is currently on display as a showcase at Design Engineering Zurich. As part of the exhibition, they spoke with our CEO Daniel Burkhalter about the advantages, the challenges and the future of the Climeo Indoor Climate System.

Excerpt from the interview:
Mr Burkhalter, you are the CEO of Climeo AG. What exactly are you developing in Wetzikon?
We are developing the future of room ventilation. A system that works like our lungs, we breathe when we need air, Climeo supplies and removes air when it is needed.

There are already a few systems on the market. What distinguishes the Climeo units from the competition?

Up to now, there have been individual components with which you can control the air in a room, but that becomes so complex and expensive that it is only done for entire flats. But then all rooms always get the same amount of air; we do it individually for each room and at a price that is even offset by the savings.

In the development of the Climeo RoomMaster, the aim was to design an independent, modern and elegant character, while still harmonising with the other surface-mounted and flush-mounted operating elements in modern buildings. How is the control unit received by customers?

The RoomMaster is very well received. It is our flagship, so to speak, because our other devices AirGate and TempGate are normally not visible to the customer. However, there are already many such, similar devices on the market; all the better that the design really stands out from the competition.

The use of an energy-saving eInk display in combination with an in-mold display results in a special and high-quality operating quality. What were the challenges here?

The challenges are manifold. With regard to the eInk display, the main requirement was the lowest possible power consumption, so that a version with batteries is also feasible. Since our system is also fully operable via our app, we were able to design the operating concept on the RoomMaster very simply, so that even inexperienced people can set their room climate themselves.

In conjunction with the entire Climeo system, i.e. the AirGate and the TempGate, the RoomMaster is the central operating and communication element. How capable is the system of development and expansion for the requirements of the future?

As mentioned at the beginning, we are developing the future of room ventilation. Over the last year, we have further optimised and simplified our system in the course of many projects. A self-configuring network makes commissioning as simple as possible. Apart from naming the rooms, there is no need to set anything else. The network makes systems with hundreds of flats possible and is thus prepared for the future.

Learn more about how the Climeo Indoor Climate System works here.

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