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Successful commissioning of the GKB Davos project

In November 2021, Climeo successfully commissioned 19 flats in the new building “Unter den Arkaden” of GKB Davos. All flats are equipped with AirGates and TempGates. The residents can conveniently set their optimal living climate for each room using the Climeo app or on the RoomMaster. The required air volumes were significantly reduced compared to the originally planned system.

Profile GKB Davos

  • Number of flats: 19
  • Number of rooms: 122
  • Max. Air flow planned: 2200 m3/h
  • Max. Air flow Climeo: 1600 m3/h
  • Avarage Air flow: 800 m3/h

Climeo devices:

  • AirGates: 161
  • TempGates: 149
  • FlowSensors: 19
  • FlatMaster: 19
  • RoomMaster: 19
  • SystemMaster: 1
  • Number of processors: 367
  • Number of sensors: 796

New building GKB Davos

The new GKB building contains the new bank customer premises, some business addresses, a restaurant and 19 owner-occupied flats.

For the flats, a separate monoblock was installed in the attic. For the remaining rooms, there are 3 further systems in the basement. Climeo was chosen for the fine distribution of the flat ventilation and the temperature control. The AirGates are housed together with the FlatMaster in distribution boxes in the false ceiling. The TempGates and the heating distribution are in the bases of the built-in boxes.

19 flats were equipped with the Climeo system and put into operation. In the meantime, almost all flats have been occupied and the tenants have online access to their Climeo system. They can thus set their individual climate for each room, as far as the building physics allow. It has also been shown that thanks to Climeo’s own, rather small air volumes, the air humidity remains at an astonishingly high level despite frosty outside temperatures.

A SystemMaster automatically adjusts the air flow of the system to the demand. This ensures optimum air exchange with maximum energy efficiency. The management has access to the current data of the system, including energy distribution, at all times. They are automatically notified of any faults. All this works without the intervention of customised programming.

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