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RoomMaster: Functionalisation and decoration are combined

With the support of MICHEL ITC AG, Climeo uses the In-Mold-Decoration (IMD) manufacturing process for the production of the RoomMaster. In this way, functionalisation and decoration are combined in the production.

The company MICHEL ITC AG from Muri is already in its second generation of developing and producing input systems, labelling and branding for apparatus, devices and products. Together with the Zurich-based company Design Engineering Zurich, MICHEL ITC AG is jointly responsible for the heart of our Climeo Indoor Climate System – the RoomMaster.

What the In-Mold Decoration process is:

The RoomMaster is manufactured using the in-mould decoration process. This manufacturing process is carried out in an injection moulding machine in which the plastic parts are not only injected but also decorated and functionalised. No further secondary operations are required, thus eliminating additional costs and time. Furthermore, IMD allows for innovative surface designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also very durable.

What IMD is used for with the RoomMaster by Climeo:

The RoomMaster is the control unit of our modular Indoor Climate System and is characterised, among other things, by its aesthetic shape. Therefore, the In-Mold-Decoration process is the ideal manufacturing process for the RoomMaster. IMD makes it possible to implement all the design elements desired by customers, such as the glossy effect on the control panel. Furthermore, the fusion of the operating foil with the plastic part creates a stable, high-quality composite in just one step. Last but not least, this production technology requires the least space. Thus, the eInk display can be optimally installed with the IMD composite in the tight space conditions.

Would you like to learn more about how our Indoor Climate System works? Here you can get an overview of our products.

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