The TempGate ensures that the right temperature prevails in every room. It regulates and measures the heat or cold distribution in up to 12 independent circuits and is compatible with the usual rooms. Hydraulic balancing is not necessary thanks to the control.

How it works

With the TempGate, the temperature of 4 to 12 heating circuits can be controlled. The module determines the water supply of the heating and offers a control accuracy of one tenth of a degree.


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enable the TempGate to communicate with the other elements of Climeo. An integrated AI control algorithm automatically optimises the temperature of all rooms – manual changes are possible via app.

Technical data


0 – 70°C (±0.1 °C)


0 – 100 L/h (±5%)


via SAGB to a FlatMaster


The TempGate is connected to the return of the floor heating. Its size corresponds to the usual installation dimensions so that it fits into most distribution boxes. Commissioning is child’s play thanks to the integrated commissioning routine, which measures each individual channel and configures it accordingly. The integrated AI control algorithm automatically optimises all control parameters.


The TempGate is put into operation fully automatically with the Climeo app. For IoT-capable control (saving data in the cloud), a WLAN router is necessary and must be configured. The operation of the app is intuitive.

IoT-Data server

All Climeo data can be stored in the cloud. This increases security in the event of a system failure (back-up) and enables remote access to the system.
 Stored data can also be compared over the course of the year in order to adjust the control (e.g. time programmes) if necessary.


The TempGate already communicates with a wide variety of devices and more are added every week. Apple Homekit and Google Home Control are only the first. Further interfaces to the central heating system or to higher-level control systems will follow.