The FlatMaster is a controller for connecting all Climeo components in an apartment: up to 24 AirGates, 24 TempGates and one RoomMaster.

How it works

The FlatMaster is a control unit – connectable to all Climeo units in a flat: It controls up to 24 AirGates, 24 TempGate drives and one RoomMaster. In addition, ModBus participants can be connected. The FlatMaster is supplied with 24V DC by a power supply unit.


The FlatMaster communicates via ModBus RTU, SAGB and Ethernet 100 Base T. An integrated control algorithm automatically optimises all control parameters.

Technical data


0 – 40°C


24 VDC/ 1.5 A


ModBus RTU, SAGB, Ethernet 100 Base T


The FlatMaster, together with the power supply unit, is installed and connected in the electrical distribution box on the top-hat rail. It automatically configures all connected devices and can then be put into operation with the integrated Bluetooth app. The electrical connection of the power supply is made via two connecting wires (+/-).