Thanks to its innovative concept, the Climeo system brings many advantages – for all groups involved in the construction.

Here we present the most important advantages of Climeo in all aspects of construction and living.


For planners

The Climeo system makes planning easier. The design is simplified thanks to the standard size and the AirGate automatically adjusts the required air volume. In general, the system components can be designed 40 % smaller. This makes it easier to achieve the targeted budget. 

Climeo also supports building planners during the planning process so that the system offers optimum comfort for users and as few headaches as possible for planners. The integrated fan control adjusts the volume flow of the entire system to the demand. And since no pressure control is necessary, less pressure has to be built up – the system is quieter.

For building owners

With Climeo, the building owner receives the most modern solution for domestic ventilation: a perfectly coordinated system of air, heat and cold distribution from a single source. Thanks to the mature, modular concept, costs remain under control. However, should problems occur, the competent Climeo support team is at your side at all times to rectify the fault via automatic remote access or on site.

For architects

Can you see a good climate? With Climeo you can feel and experience it: With its demand-oriented AirGate ventilation system, the Climeo concept ensures healthy and pleasant air. Thanks to the certified Minergie standard, you sleep even better. And every centimetre of space gained thanks to Climeo creates a little more room for the customer. With Climeo in the ceilings, there are also no crossings of air ducts, which not only makes thinner ceilings possible, but also creates more space. By the way, thanks to the integrated volume flow measurement, Climeo fits any type of air diffuser – there are no limits to the design.

For cooperatives

We are aware that home ventilation often has a negative reputation. Climeo corrects the bad characteristics of flat ventilation into the positive and creates a lasting, noticeable added value. Our cost-effective solution from a single source offers you the possibility to control the behaviour of the system thanks to numerous sensor data and to create optimal operation: with the ideal amount of fresh air at comfortable room temperatures. And with lower energy requirements and less maintenance.

For installers

Whether ventilation or heating: there is no easier installation than the modular Climeo system. Slide AirGates into the distribution boxes, equip heating distributors with actuators and connect everything with the supplied cables. A few clicks and – done. Commissioning is not necessary. For demanding users, a simple app is available to check the installation: Are the right amounts of air and water flowing everywhere? Simple, fast and reliable.

For users

With Climeo you enjoy the perfect indoor climate – without effort and in every room. The Climeo system replaces bad air in the living rooms with fresh air, but in exactly the amount needed: no more and no less. This is the way to save money and gain comfort. No wastage and no unnecessary drying out of the rooms in winter. With the Climeo app, you also have an overview of all parameters at all times and can control them individually. Just try it out and take a deep breath.